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Juniper Knoll is about Excellence.

Non-fiction books that are clear, easy to read, and easy to apply. You shouldn’t have to read a page seventeen times and look up twenty words from thirteen different sources on the internet to learn the basics of SQL (a programming language) when the book is intended as a beginning book.

Fiction books that carry one along on a fascinating ride. I chose the word “fascinating” very deliberately, as “fascinate” means “draw irresistibly the attention and interest (of someone),” from the Latin word for “bewitch.” The story and the quality of writing create the interest, not debased actions.

Poetry and art are senior components of civilization, serving both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes.

Oral history, myths and legends were more easily remembered and transmitted in rhythm and rhyme than in prose, and the best-known poetry of recent centuries follows suit. Free verse and poetic prose can communicate far more exactly and deeply than explanatory prose, when used masterfully. So poetry and poetic forms will find their way into Juniper Knoll’s bookshelves.

Visual art, whether paintings or photography, can create effects otherwise uncreatable, and communicate messages between people otherwise incommunicable. When the effects and messages raise hope, share universes, or carry a viewer to his own internal place of peace and beauty, that art needs to be shared. Too much such art has too little circulation. Juniper Knoll seeks such art and will share it.

A lofty vision, perhaps, and certainly not one I can realize alone. You are invited to share it, in coordination with your own personal goals and purposes and dreams. Together, we can help to speed up the re-civilization of this world.

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