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Anyone Can Improve His or Her Life analyzes and explains the principles behind improving the quality of anything: life, products, relationships, activities, work, play, and more. These principles of quality, not generally known and certainly never before gathered in one book, are based on decades of use by the author and many others he has helped.

Anyone Can Improve His or Her Life shows a student how to learn, an employee how to get a promotion, an elected official how to govern, a parent how to raise a child, an athlete how to win a medal, or anyone how to do anything, so much more easily and effectively than they have ever considered possible.

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  • In a world oversaturated with success gurus, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic bulls**t, this book lays out, in simple terms, an approach and a philosophy that can be applied to any activity from making a pot of coffee to running an empire. By reading and using the principles in Don's book, even casually, even occasionally, you can only make your life and the lives of those around you better.

  • [Anyone Can Improve His or Her Life] is a fantastically useful little volume!
    When I visited Don's website, his message on why I should read this book really impinged on me: even if I was enjoying a high quality life (and I am), even finer quality could be attained (and I desired this). So, I bought it.
    Immediately, I was surprised and pleased. This is clearly a unique, original and useful non-derivative work, and it presents Don's hard won and beautifully distilled knowledge and experience on the subject of Quality itself.
    Far from being treated as a vague, abstract concept, Don makes the subject very concrete with succinct and very recognizable examples of situations to which the data can be applied. Further, he treats the reader and the reader's potential target audience with extreme care and respect, never sounding preachy or recommending such an attitude. He grants the reader personal value and integrity, and provides a much needed handbook on how to approach family members, co-workers, and other associates on the subject of improving the quality of their production and contributions to living.
    The book is very well done, a work of quality itself, and I urge you to get a copy for your own edification and use.

  • I’m reading your book [Anyone Can Improve His or Her Life] bit by bit, and it’s so wonderful. So sane. The gradient approach seems perfect, and I’m changing a bit from the inside out. I’m amazed at how obviously well-thought-out it is, and it constantly occurs to me that it would affect every person who reads it differently, with different parts gently embracing individual areas of difficulty and then smoothing them out. But mostly, it’s the kind of simple common sense we should have learned in – oh, I don’t know – 3rd grade?

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