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Analyzes and explains the principles behind improving the quality of anything: life, products, relationships, activities, work, play, and more. Based on 30 years of applied use. Includes actions and exercises. Average reading level. No psychological or religious slant.


Life is a puzzle, but not an unsolvable puzzle. This book is about understanding. Few human activities are more rewarding than understanding. That lightbulb turning on is one of the best feelings a person can have. This book has a lot of lightbulbs.


“…VERY enjoyable characters that you really get to know well…”
“And the characters were very real and I could totally relate to them…”
“…all the characters were so very likeable.”


What makes 31 Days to Love different from “standard” romance novels? From the first page, you are deeply into the minds of the characters, feeling their confusions, sorting out the truths of life and love right along with them. Also enjoying their happinesses, and fretting over their worries.

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