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You will receive a unique and extremely useful pdf booklet on Four Major Principles of Quality in Writing. This booklet generally has immediately inspired more and better writing according to the recipients who have sent in comments, which is most of them.

I will not glut your mailbox. I will send the newsletter only once a month for now, and no more than one other email per week if there is breaking news.

Each newsletter will contain

  • A link to another specific life improvement article or booklet anyone can use.
  • A poem or a piece of artwork that I think is extraordinary but would like your opinion on also.
  • At least one link to some website I’ve run across that has blown my mind by its sheer quality of art or information or fun.
  • A contest, with prizes of credits that you can redeem for products at the Bookshop.
  • Of course, information about upcoming products, with the chance to pre-order. (My marketing guy made me put that in.)
  • Possibly reader comments that seem like they would be helpful to other readers.
  • Who knows what else I’ll put in there? But I’ll keep it interesting.

Newsletters can and should be fun and eagerly anticipated. That is my goal.

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