Anyone Can Improve His or Her Life Excerpt


I don’t know how you feel about your life. The fact that you are reading this book suggests that you might like some improve­ment in some area. The chances are good that this is not the only book or approach you have ever looked at for an answer. There are thousands of ways a person can try to improve his or her life. Look at all the self-improvement books on the bookstore shelves, and the -isms promising happiness and love and success. Many of them work, at least for some people, some of the time.

But what approach always works? What works for everyone, all the time? What can a person actually do, and know his life will be better because of it? There is really only one thing:


No, this is not a joke. This is a case of the obvious being true, but not understood very well. People know that they could make their lives better; they only stumble on how to do it. They end up wasting a lot of time on dead ends or actions that don’t help, and they get discouraged.

This book contains plain and simple information that you can agree with and use, and surprise! your life will start to get better, almost instantly. It’s a kind of magic.

There is a lot in this book. I strongly suggest you do not try to apply everything in it all at once. Take each idea as you come to it, roll it around in your mind for a while, and see how to apply it in your own life. The principles and actions in this book build on each other, so trying to learn and apply them all at once is like trying to build a whole house in one day. Take your time, and enjoy each step.

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