Small Business Magic Excerpt


This book is all about the principles of quality, which I have spent years in analyzing and refining and applying. As with all basic princi­ples, they seem obvious to the point of absurdity when they are pointed out. The usual response is, “Yeah, everyone knows that.” Yet it is clear that everyone doesn’t. In fact, the overwhelming evidence is that most people not only don’t put them into practice, but actively disagree with putting them into prac­tice, all the while saying they already do!

The principles of quality described in this book are not taught in business school, and are not compiled in any other book that I have found. Some of them are little-known or not known at all.

Small Business Magic will accomplish the following in an easy-to-understand, difficult-to-disagree-with fashion:

Explain exactly what quality is.

Demonstrate how to achieve quality.

Provide specific actions that lead to quality.

Show how to extend quality throughout a business.


Give this book a chance. Give yourself and your business a big chance. The rewards are huge.

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