Juniper Knoll Publishing is only publishing a very limited number of books this year (2021), but will look at query e-mails as per the Submissions Page. JKP will respond to queries and, if interested, will request a sample chapter.

Yes, if it meets the Book Requirements on the Submissions Page, and if we agree on a marketing plan to increase its sales. Every marketing plan is different, so we would hammer yours out together.

Juniper Knoll Publishing has a very small unpaid staff (aka volunteers) who believe in the mission of the company and know that their efforts will result in monetary return as the company grows. Please review the About page and see if JKP’s mission is one that you want to contribute to. Also be sure to read the Juniper Knoll Family page.

Not in cash. Recommendations are appreciated, and if included in our sales line-up, will earn the recommender credits in our bookstore based on sales of the book in the first year.

Your questions are welcome, and will be answered individually or added to this page. Send them to

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