Every family has a heritage, a common history. Members of the Juniper Knoll Family (JKF) recognize themselves by their personal history of improving the lives of others, and helping people and groups who do.

Not everyone can volunteer at the local hospital or donate thousands of dollars to disaster relief. But anyone can encourage others, give helpful advice, and share enjoyable activities. Those who do, and who understand that Juniper Knoll Publishing tries to do all those things and more through books, are invited to join the Juniper Knoll Family.

Family members receive a special JKF newsletter, containing news of upcoming projects and inviting them to suggest and vote on future projects. The newsletter also contains a Q&A section to answer questions of general Family interest, and a monthly code toward a discount on purchases in the Bookstore. It has other cool info too.

Family members can earn credits toward purchases in the JKP Bookstore in several different ways, detailed below. Joining the Juniper Knoll Family automatically earns one JKP credit.

The only action needed to become a member of the Juniper Knoll Family is to apply below, with the agreement to help Juniper Knoll Publishing expand, so we can spread our kind of books to more and more readers. There are many ways you can do this, but the easiest is to join the Juniper Knoll Publishing Group on Facebook, or if you are already a member, to invite one of your Friends to join the Group.

Other ways to qualify for JKP credits include adding a testimonial to a Juniper Knoll book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble (2 credits); commenting on a review of a Juniper Knoll book (2 credits); participating in a Juniper Knoll survey (1 credit); ordering multiple copies of a Juniper Knoll book (they are great gifts!) (1 credit per additional copy); getting someone else to order a Juniper Knoll book (1 credit); linking your website to this website (3 credits); and basically anything that helps us extend our reach. Plus I have a tendency to award credits at random.

I hope you join the Family. We can do great things together.


p.s. The form below will send an email to me directly, and I will manually add the Juniper Knoll Family newsletter to your regular Juniper Knoll Publishing newsletter subscription. If you have not already subscribed to the regular Juniper Knoll Publishing newsletter, on the Contact Page, I will subscribe you.

Please use the message block below to tell me if you only wish to receive the Juniper Knoll Family newsletter, and not the regular Juniper Knoll Publishing newsletter. I recommend receiving both, as they contain different information, but the choice is completely up to you.

Join the Juniper Knoll Family

I would like to join the Juniper Knoll Family and receive the Juniper Knoll Family Newsletter. I agree to help Juniper Knoll Publishing reach more readers in some manner, in order to further the mission of Juniper Knoll Publishing: To improve people’s lives by publishing and selling well-written, trustworthy, worthwhile, positive and enjoyable books.

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