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Virtually no business owners follow a few basic principles of business to nearly the degree they deserve. These magic principles almost ensure success, both short-term and long-term, when understood and applied. The magic lies in how easy they are to apply.

Small Business Magic is all about those principles, which the author has spent years in analyzing and refining. As with all basic principles, they seems obvious when they are pointed out. The usual response is, “Yeah, everybody knows that.” Yet just as obviously, everybody doesn’t. In fact, the overwhelming evidence proves that most business owners not only don’t put them into practice, but actively disagree with putting them into practice, while saying they already do!

The biggest problem with Small Business Magic is that if your business fails after you read it, you won’t be able to say you don’t know why. It will be because some or all of the Principles of Quality explained in Small Business Magic were not applied.


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  • I curled up next to the fire this Sunday and read your book. I think there are some really terrific ideas in it and you are a great writer.

  • Wow, a quick, insightful book on being successful in business. This book will inspire, lead, and develop you and your business to the next level. This is a no nonsense approach to accomplishing your goals. As other people are making excuses, you are making gains on the businesses around you. The book provides an overview of tactics, but the strongest area is the practical advice. These are not drawn-out suggestions, but to the point advice. Get motivated, and get more market share and cash in your pocket. Buy this magical book.

  • I finished your book and found it very helpful and practical to both my business and personal life. It addresses what is most important to us, I believe, whether we know it or not. [After reading this book] one can't help but start looking at every action they do and thinking "Is this the best I can do? Is the quality of my action going to be beneficial to myself, and others? Will the quality of my action bring me the best return?"

  • Small Business Magic by Don Dewsnap caught my attention because of its simplicity. The title may be a bit misleading though, because the ideas and concepts apply to both small and large businesses.
    Many of us comprehend the elements of quality. This book helps refocus one to having a “top of mind” mentality toward quality, thus improving our work and efficiency. The ultimate result is increased profitability for our business or the competence of our organization.
    Unlike the complex “Six Sigma Business Strategy” concepts and processes, this book keeps things simple to understand and offers ways to produce quality output on a daily basis. I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to improve their performance and efficiency in the work place.

  • OK! I read it all - it's a great book! So much of what you talk about is what I believe in, but I fall far short on the practice and you manage to make it all so do-able.
    I am a one-woman show, so it'll all be about me and my systems and practices, but I feel enthused. Thank you!

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