NOTICE: At present, Juniper Knoll Publishing is focusing on selling, not producing books (except very rarely). The book requirements below cover not only the kinds of books we will produce in the future as we grow, but the books we will sell in our Bookstore. If you own a book you think we should include per the below requirements, please contact us at and tell me about it.

In answer to the oft-asked question, “What kind of books are you looking for?”, I will start with the Purpose (Mission) of Juniper Knoll Publishing:

To improve people’s lives by publishing and selling well-written, trustworthy, worthwhile, positive and enjoyable books.

Does a book enlighten, or educate with useful (and true) information? Does it entertain in a civilized way? Or combine these qualities? That book is a JKP book.

The hallmark and standard of Juniper Knoll is Quality.

JKP books are intended to evoke a response of “I am SO glad to have read that book!” The underlying requirement is that the book is well-written. It grabs the reader and hangs on.

Books should be as close to perfect as possible, including easy to read. Even technical books can be easy to read if well-written, so writing quality is a high requirement.

Juniper Knoll books focus on the good.

JKP books will generally not be about controversial subjects. This will pretty much exclude books about politics and most social sciences. Nor will they cater to base emotions, intended to shock or dismay or anger or arouse. There go the horror stories, the sexual thrill books, the indignations without solutions, and the how-bad-things-are books.

Those books which do address widespread problems will focus on the solutions, not on the problems. A good book on how to get elected and serve in office without compromising one’s integrity does not have to go deeply into how bad politicians are. Factual books will be documented and verifiable.

Most people have a lot in common, including hope and joy and love.

I mean to exclude books written to or about a specific subculture, like a region, a race, or a religion. Other publishers can concentrate on the differences. JKP books appeal to all people who want to enjoy life, and help them do so.

Demographics is another matter. A JKP book could be written specifically for the broad public of women, or an age group, or parents, or people living in snowy states or sunny states. I am most vigorously looking for books which will benefit the broadest possible audience, which is over 18, literate, and productive.

Key Points of Juniper Knoll Publishing books:

  • Well-written
  • Positive
  • Universal



Science fiction and fantasy are both welcome. Mystery, adventure, romance are fine. What is most important is that the reader can relate to the universe being created and wants to find out what is going to happen. The reader has to care. I’ve put down more than one book because I just didn’t care what happened next.


How-to books and advice books are always good, if they are about activities most people have thought about doing or are already doing. How To Reduce Expenses Without Changing Anything.

Factual books about common items are good. The Truth About Vitamins. What You Need to Know About Common (and Uncommon) Fabrics in Clothes.

Non-fiction books have to be Right. They have to be based on facts, not opinions. Otherwise they are Fiction. I will require documentation of any factual statements made. I would love, for instance, to see a good book on vitamins that is useful, trustworthy, and comprehensive, written so engagingly that it is hard to put down. Not likely I will ever see that one.

JKP non-fiction books should be essentially timeless, not about some current fad or crisis.

Many non-fiction books are dry, dull and unread. Don’t send me one of those.


Unfortunately, decisions on poetry books will come down to my judgment of whether I believe a lot of people will benefit from reading them, at least for now. Your good poetry will make me shiver with its excellence. I have to decide whether it will make many others shiver also, or if it just appeals to me.

Good poetry has to be memorable. A year from now, will readers recall your poem, even if not exactly word for word, when in a similar situation? If so, that poem has added something to their lives.

It must be clear to me that the poet has not just dashed off a bunch of thoughts and has not broken lines and used (or not used) punctuation according to whim. If rhyming, the rhymes cannot be forced.


I don’t even know how to tell you what kind of art book I would want to publish, other than to say the same thing I said about poetry: whether I believe a lot of people will benefit from viewing the art. And the shivering thing.

I do believe that, just as with poetry, there is a wide market for valuable, high-quality art books if marketed correctly. I believe people in general do respond to excellent art.

Key Points About Categories:

  • Fiction: Fun or inspiring, and gripping
  • Non-fiction: Useful or basically educational, and absolutely dependable
  • Poetry: Technically sound, and memorable. Induces shivers.
  • Art: Technically sound, induces shivers.


I hope the above helps to answer the question of what kinds of books I am looking for. The above outline is not set in stone. There are always valid exceptions, plus I continue to learn and evolve and appreciate. If you think your book may be JKP-qualified and a lot of people will benefit from it, but you are not sure, then e-mail us a description, and I’ll respond quickly, perhaps asking for a sample chapter. I am happy to be surprised, and to learn thereby.

If I choose not to sell your book, I am not saying it is bad or unsellable. For whatever reason, it doesn’t strike the chords I am looking for.

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