Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.

All material on this website (juniperknollpublishing.com) is copyrighted by Don Dewsnap and may not be copied or used for any commercial or otherwise public purpose without the permission of Don Dewsnap.

This website (juniperknollpublishing.com) is the intellectual property of Don Dewsnap and may not be impaired or co-opted, which adjuration is subject to legal enforcement. In other words, don’t mess with the site.

If you send user content (comments, testimonials, and questions) to the website or to Don Dewsnap, such content becomes the property of Don Dewsnap to do with as he will, with or without giving credit to the sender. Emails to Don Dewsnap, whether direct or through the Contact page of this website, do not fall into the category of user content, nor do submissions of manuscripts for publication.

Try as we will to make this website and the products promoted on this website accurate and error-free, we provide no warranties to that effect, except warranties required by law, if any.

Juniper Knoll Publishing does provide a guarantee of satisfaction regarding any single product purchased by an individual from this website, which products include e-books and audiobooks, with the proviso that refunds will only be made to purchasers in the United States or Canada. Any refund must be applied for within sixty days of purchase date. Upon proof of purchase being submitted to info@juniperknollpublishing.com showing the date and amount paid, and reason for dissatisfaction being explained, and address being provided, Juniper Knoll Publishing will send a check for the purchase amount to the individual. Credit cards will not be re-credited. No individual will be refunded for more than one item, ever. To be even more clear: after receiving a refund, an individual is no longer eligible for refunds in the future, ever.

Juniper Knoll Publishing does not warrant the accuracy of or suitability for use of or anything else about any website connected to via links contained in juniperknollpublishing.com.

The remaining legalese found in many Terms and Conditions pages all boil down to the following: if you break the law, you are subject to the penalties of the law. So play nice.

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